Gif Recipes: Potato Wedges and Mozzarella Stuffed Fried “Chicken”

Reddit has a sub-reddit called Gif Recipes and a few weeks ago I cam across these two recipes!

Vege Wedges For Ways
Chicken Parmesan Bites

Since I’m a vegetarian, my fried chicken is chicken-less but it was pretty good I thought!

I prepared my potato wedges first as they needed about 40+ minutes in the oven.

Thankfully, I already had all of the ingredients for this recipe, and the next one too, so I was able to make everything the first night I saw it online!

Before baking, the wedges already looks pretty delicious. After baking …

They were crispy on the outside and soft in the middle but I did over cook them a bit so that some of the thinner wedges tasted a bit burnt. I did not rotate the wedges mid-cooking which I think let them crisp up a bit more than if I had flipped them over at some point.

Now to make the “chicken” I used the Vege USA plain chicken thing that I buy at their store in Monrovia, CA. It’s a great place to shop for meat substitutes!

So, since fake chicken you cannot just cut a slit into it and stuff in the mozzarella, I had to carve out a spot for the cheese. I would have liked to put in more cheese but really, it wouldn’t have fit.

This fried chicken uses bread crumbs instead of an over abundance of flour. Which I thought made it more crunchy and I will incorporate it into my normal fried “chicken” recipe.

I fried these pieces about 7 minutes each in the canola oil at “deep fry” temperature. You can see in the pic that the mozzarella didn’t stay inside the “chicken” too well during frying. My husband suggested that I dredge and fry some mozzarella chunks too which also did not turn out well lol

Alright, here is my dinner for two with the addition of some homemade Focaccia. These recipes in general made way too much food for two people though so I ended up having this for lunch the next day. Conclusion on that is that the potato wedges do not reheat well! I recommend eating them all while fresh!

Next posts will include my adventures in Focaccia making which will have the above bread in it =)


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