Focaccia #1: Too Much Rise

I seriously don’t know how I got the idea in my head that this recipe called for bread flour and not all purpose flour. Bread flour has baking powder/soda (either or?) in it to help it rise and make fluffier bread! All purpose flour doesn’t have this addition which means you have to add it only if you wanted it …

Before the second rising.

The recipe is pretty basic and it requires two resting periods. It is from the Food Network website and since it’s not a personal blog (which I definitely don’t like to reproduce their recipes on mine), I’ll post it below and give the link.

1 packet of yeast mixed with 1 3/4 cup of warm water and 1Tbs of sugar need to sit for 15 minutes.

This mixture was then added to 1/2 cup of olive oil, 1 Tbs salt, and 5 cups of all purpose flour (that I didn’t use …). It was kneaded in my mixer for 5 minutes and then two more minutes by hand. Then it rested in an oil lined bowl for an hour.

After an hour, I realized there had been a significant amount of rise in this Focaccia which is supposed to  be a flat bread …. Well, I transferred it to a half-sheet baking pan for its second hour of rising … and boy did it!

Yes, this would be the bread flouring working its amazing  magic!

After the second rising.

It was stretching the limits of my saran wrap there! This is also when I remembered that I should have put the tomato and basil on top before it did its second round of rising …

So, I tried to add it at this point before baking which did not have great or even good results.

I mean, it looked pretty but I knew it wasn’t going to turn out correctly! I also added some additional olive oil on top and salt.

Results: the tomatoes turned the dough below it into goo, the basil curled up and burned, and in general I under cooked it.

And, look at how thick it was! Like 3 inches in some spots!

And, here you can see how its under done …

When I cut it open, the crumb on the top and bottom where okay but the middle squished down to be goo like which means the middle was under done.

We did eat a bunch of this though as it did taste nice!

Next attempt post incoming tomorrow!


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