Focaccia #2: Not Enough Rise

Alright, attempt #2! Well, this one was also a bit of a failure. Perhaps more so than #1. Thankfully, #3 should be better!

This is the exact same recipe as before … but I made different ingredient choices. I used the correct flour type this time, all purpose, but instead of using the new yeast (as I did in the last batch) I used some old undated yeast I had in the cupboard.

That was a mistake.

So, after the customary two rising periods which totaled two hours. I had flat and yucky dough. I knew before baking that it wasn’t going to be good.

I was right.

Instead of tomato and basil, I just did some salt on top. I needn’t have bothered though, this Focaccia went no where fast …

It was just barely thicker than the half sheet pan I put it in. Same pan as the first batch by the way!

I did bake this one the correct amount of time but because it never rose it was really underdone. The bottom had a nice color though, almost the same as the top!

Result: I learned that you should always use yeast that you know to be good! Don’t use random yeast you found in your kitchen!

Here goes attempt #3!


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