Focaccia #3: This One was Just Right

This was the Focaccia that I made to accompany Easter Dinner. I was so hoping that it would be the better than the two previous attempts but it wasn’t until we cut it open to eat that I knew for sure!

This is the same recipe that I had used the last two times but this time I used good yeast and the correct flour! I had learned from my previous attempts, that’s for sure!

It rose, not too much, just enough! I was so happy!

I left the bread in the oven about 5 extra minutes so that I could be 110% sure that the bread was done cooking. And, since it was Easter there is a lack of pictures as I was quite busy!

When I cut it up to serve for Easter, I was pleased with the crumb! It was even and not squished at all. Meaning, I finally cooked it all the way through and used the correct ingredients! Go me!

Result: This bread was delicious and the recipe I used is great for a basic bread! I did sprinkle salt on top and I liked the way it tasted! Always follow the recipe and use fresh ingredients when you can! =)


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