Easter Carrot Cake

Going into Easter I wanted to make a cake, some cookies, and a pie! Yeah, I only had time to do the carrot cake. But, I tried to do it the best that I could! Maximum effort~~

The recipe requested the wet ingredients + sugars to be mixed in one bowl and the dry ingredients mixed in a separate bowl. No problem!

I moved my kitchen table up against the wall so I could use the outlet there (in a hundred year old house, outlets are sparse). And, this particular bake got a bit messy!

The recipe I used for my carrot cake and the frosting was from Marsha’s Baking Addiction (link). It was a great recipe with no difficult parts! Recommended for sure! I used Pecans in mine because that is what I had on hand.

The recipe called for it to be baked in three 8″ cake pans. Well, I only have one 8″ cake pan so I baked each layer one at a time >< So awful!

Thankfully the recipe held up well in the fridge and each layer turned out great after baking!

I got a good color on the bottom on my cakes. I cooled each layer on a rack first and then transferred each one to the freezer. This made it super easy to frost the cake and helped to keep the frosting cool while we ate dinner =)

As the last layer was cooling, I started to make my frosting. By this time it was also after 4pm and my family was arriving! As such, I was a bit more harassed and made an even bigger (but quite hilarious) mess!

Yes, I filled my mixer with all of the cream cheese frosting ingredients and then turned it on! The results were unexpected at the time (because I wasn’t thinking) but completely expected in hindsight (because I generally do think). My Mom walked into the kitchen while I was cleaning it all up, she had no comment ><

Thankfully the frosting turned out great! It probably could have used more sugar though =p

I frosted my cake in about 5 minutes while my fried “chicken” was frying away! Thankfully this style of cake frosting is trending, it still is right?

The cake sat out for about an hour before we had dessert. Thankfully, my icing peeks stayed perky!

The cake had pretty flat layers on its own, I didn’t do any leveling. We ate half the cake right then and I sent the rest of the cake away as left overs. The piece I had was amazing!

I did have some leftover batter so last week I made 6 cupcakes.

I also had some leftover icing, so I was able to ice my 6 cupcakes too. I dropped them off at my Grandparent’s house for them to enjoy =)

This was an awesome cake, I totally recommend the recipe! Yummy!!


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