Quick Cookie Batch ~

I had purchased some Easter colored M&M candies to be used during Easter … then I forgot about them!

Sometime in May, I “found” them and decided to make some cookies before a long day of studying!

This is the same cookie recipe I used last time with the melted butter, I just heated this butter in the microwave though, don’t have all day =p

I did half with the M&Ms and the other half with a bag of White Chocolate chips that were old .. not sure how old but I was sure they needed to be used up!

When I baked them, I did some on Oreo cookies (my personal specialty) and some just plain (normal) =)

I like how cute the little cookie dough balls look on top of the Oreos. Very adorable ^^

They were delicious! I think this batch lasted about a week between my husband and myself and my Dad! ~~


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