Peanut Butter Cookies: With Chips and Without

Not sure what Peanut Butter Cookie Recipe I used here but it wasn’t anything special, just a normal cookie recipe!

Like I usually do, I used my cookie batch in more than 1 way! I did half of them traditionally with the square pattern. And, the other half I did with peanut butter chips mixed in!

For the plain cookies, I tried to make them pretty uniform in shape. I also made them into little disks before putting them on the cookie sheet and then using my largest fork on them =p

Darn, no before picture of the peanut butter chip version!


So glad I’m able to put some time towards posting a few pictures this week! My comprehensive exam and MBA graduation are over! I officially have a Master’s degree! So, I’ll be spending my time baking while looking for that awesome new career! ~~


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