DIY Patio Extension ~

In April, I decided to take the bit of dirt between the edge of our official patio and our shed and make another patio! ^^

The space was almost exactly 10′ by 10′ except on the left side where a forgotten sidewalk (from who knows when) jets into the space.

Removing the grass was easy! Removing the dirt was a pain in the butt! I dug out about 4 inches of dirt across the entire space to be sure I could get the ground level enough.

The dirt pile was enormous! I used as much as I could filling in every possible hole in our yard but we had so much left over!

My Dad offered to take some (my Mom says he hasn’t done anything with it yet ><)

It filled up the back of his SUV!

Once the dirt was cleared, I started adding in the sand. Penny and Lucy helped! ~~

I used about 12 bags to put a layer of sand between 1″ and 2″ in the space. Then I laid down a weed barrier. Oddly it was windy day in Southern California in Spring (not usually the time of year for that) when I tried to lay down the weed barrier.

Penny and Lucy loved to walk around on the weed barrier and nap on it too! They looked cute but it was quite counter productive!

I had no idea how to put these stone pavers together at first. Really, no clue! I was putting them here and there … and then I sent a pic to my husband who informed me that there was a pattern and that I should be following it!

It took some back and forth over text but he managed to explain the pattern to me and thankfully I finally understood! I ended up numbering the sides with chalk so I could pair them up easily.

It was at this point that we decided I should probably remove the sprinkler head (over by the bucket in the picture). So, I pulled out some pavers and dug it up! Caped it and then refilled the hole!

That was fun little excursion during the middle of the project!

We cut stones to fit around the edges and give the space a cleaner look! Then I filled in the gaps with polymeric sand! I used almost 3 buckets of this stuff and I was worried it would all rinse away when I watered the grass! But, apparently this type of sand hardens in place! Yay!

I really enjoyed this project! And, I’ve benefited from the additional outdoor space quite a bit already! It’s a great spot to sit and relax while looking into the yard at Penny and Lucy napping ^^


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