May 2017 Puppy and Kitten Pics ~~

Though June is half way over, I wanted to post some pictures from last month that I didn’t have time to post sooner ~~

At night, we give the puppies their own beds to sleep on. But, once we’re awake we have to take the beds away and just leave a blanket. We do this because Dottie will pee on the dog beds! She does not seem to be a well adjusted kitten! Humphrey clearly thinks he is a dog too and therefore will often nap alongside Penny and Lucy.

Lucy was never really into shoes and has only really chewed on about 4 pairs. But, she apparently she took a liking to my red Toms (since I left them under my desk) and decided to eat the toe! I haven’t tossed them out yet though I probably should. This picture also shows the damage that Sweetie did to the side of my chair years ago, the chair still works and we have even more cats now though so I don’t want to replace it! haha

Sweetie likes to nap on my Husband’s chair when she is shut out of the bedroom (we have to keep the bedroom door shut because, again, Dottie will pee on the bed). Sometimes Sweetie wants to play between naps and will swat at Penny’s face! Penny is confused by this because it doesn’t hurt and seems rather mean of Sweetie. Penny will often look at my during these times to be sure everything is okay, she is a very kind doggy!

And, lastly, we had a bug flying around in our bathroom! Humphrey (the two leg standing one) made a nice reflection in the mirror while looking for the bug. Dottie (the four leg standing one), kept moving around the bathroom over and over chasing it as fast as she could! It was pretty cute. The did not catch the bug.


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