Graduation Cookies: 2017

I’m so excited to have finally graduated with my Master’s degree, yay! After the commencement ceremony, I had some family over to celebrate and for the occasion I made cookies and cake!

My plan was to make 2017 cookies because that is the year I am graduating! I had to order a set of number cookie cutters as I didn’t have any >< I bought these and they worked great!

So, I perfectly cut out all of the 2017 that I wanted and then baked them! When pulling them out of the oven, I accidentally squashed one of my 7s! Oh no!

So, I made a batch of stars and one more 7 with my remaining sugar cookie dough.

Thankfully, sugar cookies stay relatively the same size when you bake them so they didn’t spread and I was able to fit the extra cookie on the same sheet.

To decorate my stars, I used some of my remaining butter cream frosting from my cake! Since I froze the cookies after, the frosting hardened well!

But, for my 2017 cookies, I wanted to use cookie icing. I didn’t make a royal icing, though I somewhat wished I had.

So, I used a #4 tip (pretty sure) to do the exterior piping and I tried to make it a bit thicker … It was messy >< I definitely need to practice this some more!

My flood icing was a little bit darker than my piping icing but I think they looked well together!

The icing hardened well but it was a warm day and we had the food outside for the party so they somewhat melted together!! Oh well! They tasted good, I wish I had kept some for myself instead of sending them all home with family ><

I also made some of my favorite chocolate chip + oreo cookies too. I did keep some of these!

Next post will be my super amateur graduation cake! =p


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