Graduation Cake

The whole week leading up to my graduation party I kept thinking “I want to make a nice fluffy yellow cake from scratch”. It was a nice thought. Ultimately, I bought 4 packages of the below chocolate cake mix.

Clearly, this resulted in a chocolate cake not a yellow one. But it was easier and, unfortunately, it was also a lot more expensive since each mix is about $6~ ><

Though the mix itself is vegan, I used powdered milk instead of almond milk which means my cakes aren’t vegan … but since my frosting is made with real butter and there were only going to be vegetarians (and of course individuals who eat meat too) at the party and not vegans, I thought this was okay.

Something else I like about this mix that is not typical is that the mix specifically states that it is nut free which is great for my nephews! Again, this isn’t a problem if I make it by hand as I know not to add products with nuts, thankfully!

I made the cake in two 9″x13″ cake tins. Meaning, this is the biggest cake I have ever made! Ever, ever! That’s pretty cool =)

I was very lucky that my layers turned out quite flat after baking! Therefore, I didn’t need to do any trimming, yay!

So, I think it was because I was watching a movie on Netflix while I made this that I didn’t plan properly with the frosting. I made the plain buttercream first and did a sort of crumb coat, the thickest crumb coat of my life!

I tried to make it as square as possible but I realized when I put on the blue layer that I could have done a better job of smoothing down my square-ness. It would have helped!

And, I forgot to take a picture of what it looked like all plain blue! Why?? But it was at that point that I realized my mistake. The cake was quite heavy now since it had about 3.5lbs of buttercream frosting on it and it was still on my cutting board!

I had to borrow my husband from the other room and use two spatulas (plus my clean hands) to lift it up off of the cutting board and onto the cardboard cake board.

Then I made a bright yellow buttercream for the decorations. Unfortunately, I didn’t make enough, because I was out of butter, so I had to go to the grocery store to get more butter and then make more frosting! This was getting insane ….

Right along with my cookie icing skills, I need to work on my cake decorating skills. Thankfully 4th of July is coming up so maybe I can practice on a patriotic cake? Hmmmm

So, there it is the night before!

And, below is what it looked like after being eaten! I think everyone was impressed (? not sure if that is the right term as they were also slightly confused) by the amount of frosting. I certainly enjoyed it! I passed some of it to my grandparents, some to my parents and kept a small amount for myself. My grandma said she froze hers so it’ll last longer ><

I am definitely proud of this cake! I spent about 5~ hours on it and I don’t think I could have gotten a better one for the same price anywhere =)

I’ll be posting more cookies and an apple pie pretty soon… I also have to make an attempt at a Lemon Meringue pie before my lemons go bad! I can do it! =)


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