Mini Cinnamon Rolls

This was my very very first time ever trying to make cinnamon rolls. I didn’t realize when I started this recipe that they weren’t going to be full sized cinnamon rolls though which was disappointing!

The recipe is pretty basic and I was able to make it very quickly. But, every other aspect of this recipe is what made it take around 6 hours to complete! Ahhh! ~~

The dough had to go through two separate risings! First by itself before being rolled out.

I let the dough rise until it had about tripled in size.

After the first rising, I made my filling and got ready to roll out my dough.

Making the filling was way easier than rolling out the dough .. and It was a lot easier than adding the filling to the dough!

I tried to use Paul Hollywood’s rolling technique. Always go from the middle out, try to start your dough in a similar shape to what you need to roll it out into, and move your dough to be sure it doesn’t stick to the board. This helped!

I ultimately got a ruler and then cut my dough into similar sizes. I then separated my filling in two and added it to the dough in the middle.


I used a silicone spatula to spread out the filling and I tried to make it even. Clearly I did a better job with the roll on the right side but that is okay!

Now the below photo confuses me … there are four rolls … Did I roll out four pieces of dough? I only have pictures of two pieces of dough at a time so I’m not sure! I’ll assume I did and that I didn’t magically duplicate my dough? I guess that would be for the best.


It was important for this recipe to roll the dough length wise (hot dog style for us previous elementary students in the ’90s). But, I wished I had just rolled it up the other way (hamburger style) and made thick cinnamon rolls! Oh, why didn’t I notice that before!!

After rolling them, I think they went in the fridge for about 30 minutes to firm up a bit before being cut. I’m not sure it helped. My rolls were little triangles.

Thankfully, they all fit in my larges baking dish and that is when they needed their second rest period.

After the second period of resting, I got to put them in the oven to bake! Yay, I had made it so far with this project. I really should just stick with cookies, haha =p

I refused to have under baked cinnamon rolls so I left them in there about 5 minutes longer than I was comfortable with and it was worth it!

Oh, I lined my baking dish with parchment paper before baking. I don’t really like to use oil/spray because I can taste it and I don’t want to use butter/flour because I feel like it doesn’t do a good job so I’m a parchment girl, always!

I made about 3/4 a cup of icing (powdered sugar, cold water, vanilla extract) to drizzle on top. I should have done more! I’d have rather had it flooding down the sides than lightly coating the rolls! Now I know!

The extra few minutes paid off! The cinnamon rolls tore apart nicely and they looked great on the inside! This was absolutely not worth the effort though! I could have read an entire book during the time it took me to make these!

Not sure I’ll ever make cinnamon rolls again, if I do though, I’ll for sure post about it! haha!



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