June 2017 Puppy and Kitten Photos

Was out of town last week on a vacation so I’m going to post some cute pictures from last month now!

For a few days last month, I got to take care of my Grandparent’s pets. This included their pack of squirrels. Penny and Lucy highly enjoyed this part of the visit! Lucy discovered that if she pawed at the window it made the squirrels run away and then come back. She barked with happiness! I had to roll up the blinds because Lucy was making dents >< Penny was, thankfully, a more subdued in her happiness!

Penny and Lucy also went for quite a few car rides last month! To Grandma’s, to get gas, to get dog food. They were very good companions! Lucy always goes in and out of the car via the back seat but rides in the front whenever there isn’t a passenger.

As we were also out of town last month, My Dad took care of our pets and sent me this picture of Dottie looking slightly sad and slightly blurry. She is clearly waiting for that canned cat food though as her eyes are huge!

And, of course, a picture of Master Humphrey. Looking regal as always. He is a lounger cat. Always has to be draped over whatever he is lounging on. Quite the regal cat indeed!

After seeing so many people traveling with their dogs (and we saw a cat too) on our vacation. I want to try going on a trip with Penny and Lucy at some point! I think they would really love it!

Bonus picture from our vacation, loved the Tetons! We went hiking from String Lake around the back of Jenny Lake to the Hidden Falls. Amazing time!


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