Banana Cream Pie – May 2017

This is really a half-post as I’m missing some really important pics for a food post! Ya know, the pictures of how it looks cut open or how it looks done? Yeah, those ones are the ones I’m missing for this… also the crust before it was filled … ugh! But, I did put in some effort and I don’t want to forget about it later so here are some pictures!

This was my absolute first time making any type of custard for anything! Though I love to cook and bake I seem to stick to cookies/cakes/toffee and recipes I know I’ll like already. This recipe was made by request from my Grandma.

After eating this, which was made from some recipe I googled, she declared it was better than Marie Calendars! I think that is high praise =)

The custard actually went really well, I remember following the directions of the recipe closely as I had no idea what I was doing so I didn’t want to improvise. I made my cookies off of the top of my head and with some hope but this I put in true effort!

I did not make whipped cream. I used the out of the can kind. I used expensive out of the can kind from Whole Foods though, I spared no expense!

After adding the whipped cream, I molded it with a knife and made it look super pretty!

**picture of my completed banana cream pie**

So, I learned something new that day! It seems that whipped cream becomes soup. I did not know this because I have never been a fan of whipped cream and so haven’t used it much. Therefore, by the time I served my pie, about 2 hours after finishing it, it was all melty and soupy … ugh, my Grandma said that it is supposed to do that. And, I just took her word for it!

My grandma took home all the rest of the pie and said she ate it during the week! I picked up my pie plate later so I could make some more pie…

Up next is the Lemon Meringue pie I made for my Dad … that was fun ><


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