Lemon Meringue Pie

I asked my Dad, “What would you like me to make for Father’s Day?” He requested Lemon Meringue Pie. Well, this pie is more complicated than I had hoped and he ended up getting the pie on July 1st instead. Thankfully, he liked it!

I bought lemons for this. Please no one tell my Grandma! I would use the ones from her tree but she feeds birds and squirrels and her Lemons look like she has a horde of animals living in her yard. Which, she does.

I made a big ole’ pie crust for this but I did not use any pie weights. So, my pie crust sunk. I will definitely not forget the pie weights again! They are super important to be sure my crust keeps its lovely shape!

And, here is the slumped post-baked pie crust. It’s not everything I hoped for.

I wanted to toss this one away and start again but the morning is the only time I can run the oven in the summer and it was already 10:30 by the time this interesting pie crust was done.

The custard for this pie had an increased level of difficulty compared to the Banana Cream Pie. And, I desperately need a zester thing if I am ever to make this again.

There is nothing like acidic foods to remind you of all the cuts you have on your fingers. Good times!

The pie needed 4 egg yolks to go in the custard and the 4 egg whites were to be used for the meringue. Getting the egg yolks was easy! The whites, not so much.

I tried to be super patient while mixing in the egg whites. I’ve watched enough cooking shows to know what bad things can happen when you try to heat eggs and not fry them.

I wish the meringue had been as easy as the custard! It took two tries.

These were the egg whites I used in my first attempt. I can see the bits of yellow in the eggs even in this small picture. So sad! I knew to be careful but I didn’t know I needed to be precise!

This batch of egg whites did not get past the foam stage in my mixer.

I gave up on this batch at about 13 minutes. Then I started again!

After each separation, I poured the safe egg white into my mixer’s bowl.

The end result of this batch of separation was a success! No little yellow spots in this batch!

The foam stage was almost instant with the good egg whites!

Not quite stiff enough in the above picture, so I beat them for about 4 more minutes.

The end result seemed perfect! Thank you Food Network for teaching young me how meringue is supposed to look! Even though I no longer have cable TV, I’ve never forgotten!

The lemon custard filled up my pie crust just perfectly! Thankfully the meringue will cover the less than pretty crust edges.

Adding the meringue to the pie was pretty fun! I tried to keep as much air in it as I could but I still squashed it a bunch!

This part still confuses me, I’m nut sure what happens to the meringue in the oven to make it become stiff but I’m glad it did!

After putting in so much work and seeing the pictures again, I’m sad that I didn’t try a piece! If I ever make this again, I will definitely try some!

My Dad sent me a picture of the inside after it had been refrigerated and he’d removed the first piece, looks great!

I had read online about meringue toppings starting to weep if they don’t become firm enough but thankfully it looks like mine stayed strong!

I haven’t baked anything in two weeks so I’m going to have to get on it! =)


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