Mini Cinnamon Rolls

This was my very very first time ever trying to make cinnamon rolls. I didn’t realize when I started this recipe that they weren’t going to be full sized cinnamon rolls though which was disappointing!

The recipe is pretty basic and I was able to make it very quickly. But, every other aspect of this recipe is what made it take around 6 hours to complete! Ahhh! ~~

The dough had to go through two separate risings! First by itself before being rolled out.

I let the dough rise until it had about tripled in size.

After the first rising, I made my filling and got ready to roll out my dough.

Making the filling was way easier than rolling out the dough .. and It was a lot easier than adding the filling to the dough!

I tried to use Paul Hollywood’s rolling technique. Always go from the middle out, try to start your dough in a similar shape to what you need to roll it out into, and move your dough to be sure it doesn’t stick to the board. This helped!

I ultimately got a ruler and then cut my dough into similar sizes. I then separated my filling in two and added it to the dough in the middle.


I used a silicone spatula to spread out the filling and I tried to make it even. Clearly I did a better job with the roll on the right side but that is okay!

Now the below photo confuses me … there are four rolls … Did I roll out four pieces of dough? I only have pictures of two pieces of dough at a time so I’m not sure! I’ll assume I did and that I didn’t magically duplicate my dough? I guess that would be for the best.


It was important for this recipe to roll the dough length wise (hot dog style for us previous elementary students in the ’90s). But, I wished I had just rolled it up the other way (hamburger style) and made thick cinnamon rolls! Oh, why didn’t I notice that before!!

After rolling them, I think they went in the fridge for about 30 minutes to firm up a bit before being cut. I’m not sure it helped. My rolls were little triangles.

Thankfully, they all fit in my larges baking dish and that is when they needed their second rest period.

After the second period of resting, I got to put them in the oven to bake! Yay, I had made it so far with this project. I really should just stick with cookies, haha =p

I refused to have under baked cinnamon rolls so I left them in there about 5 minutes longer than I was comfortable with and it was worth it!

Oh, I lined my baking dish with parchment paper before baking. I don’t really like to use oil/spray because I can taste it and I don’t want to use butter/flour because I feel like it doesn’t do a good job so I’m a parchment girl, always!

I made about 3/4 a cup of icing (powdered sugar, cold water, vanilla extract) to drizzle on top. I should have done more! I’d have rather had it flooding down the sides than lightly coating the rolls! Now I know!

The extra few minutes paid off! The cinnamon rolls tore apart nicely and they looked great on the inside! This was absolutely not worth the effort though! I could have read an entire book during the time it took me to make these!

Not sure I’ll ever make cinnamon rolls again, if I do though, I’ll for sure post about it! haha!


Graduation Cake

The whole week leading up to my graduation party I kept thinking “I want to make a nice fluffy yellow cake from scratch”. It was a nice thought. Ultimately, I bought 4 packages of the below chocolate cake mix.

Clearly, this resulted in a chocolate cake not a yellow one. But it was easier and, unfortunately, it was also a lot more expensive since each mix is about $6~ ><

Though the mix itself is vegan, I used powdered milk instead of almond milk which means my cakes aren’t vegan … but since my frosting is made with real butter and there were only going to be vegetarians (and of course individuals who eat meat too) at the party and not vegans, I thought this was okay.

Something else I like about this mix that is not typical is that the mix specifically states that it is nut free which is great for my nephews! Again, this isn’t a problem if I make it by hand as I know not to add products with nuts, thankfully!

I made the cake in two 9″x13″ cake tins. Meaning, this is the biggest cake I have ever made! Ever, ever! That’s pretty cool =)

I was very lucky that my layers turned out quite flat after baking! Therefore, I didn’t need to do any trimming, yay!

So, I think it was because I was watching a movie on Netflix while I made this that I didn’t plan properly with the frosting. I made the plain buttercream first and did a sort of crumb coat, the thickest crumb coat of my life!

I tried to make it as square as possible but I realized when I put on the blue layer that I could have done a better job of smoothing down my square-ness. It would have helped!

And, I forgot to take a picture of what it looked like all plain blue! Why?? But it was at that point that I realized my mistake. The cake was quite heavy now since it had about 3.5lbs of buttercream frosting on it and it was still on my cutting board!

I had to borrow my husband from the other room and use two spatulas (plus my clean hands) to lift it up off of the cutting board and onto the cardboard cake board.

Then I made a bright yellow buttercream for the decorations. Unfortunately, I didn’t make enough, because I was out of butter, so I had to go to the grocery store to get more butter and then make more frosting! This was getting insane ….

Right along with my cookie icing skills, I need to work on my cake decorating skills. Thankfully 4th of July is coming up so maybe I can practice on a patriotic cake? Hmmmm

So, there it is the night before!

And, below is what it looked like after being eaten! I think everyone was impressed (? not sure if that is the right term as they were also slightly confused) by the amount of frosting. I certainly enjoyed it! I passed some of it to my grandparents, some to my parents and kept a small amount for myself. My grandma said she froze hers so it’ll last longer ><

I am definitely proud of this cake! I spent about 5~ hours on it and I don’t think I could have gotten a better one for the same price anywhere =)

I’ll be posting more cookies and an apple pie pretty soon… I also have to make an attempt at a Lemon Meringue pie before my lemons go bad! I can do it! =)

Graduation Cookies: 2017

I’m so excited to have finally graduated with my Master’s degree, yay! After the commencement ceremony, I had some family over to celebrate and for the occasion I made cookies and cake!

My plan was to make 2017 cookies because that is the year I am graduating! I had to order a set of number cookie cutters as I didn’t have any >< I bought these and they worked great!

So, I perfectly cut out all of the 2017 that I wanted and then baked them! When pulling them out of the oven, I accidentally squashed one of my 7s! Oh no!

So, I made a batch of stars and one more 7 with my remaining sugar cookie dough.

Thankfully, sugar cookies stay relatively the same size when you bake them so they didn’t spread and I was able to fit the extra cookie on the same sheet.

To decorate my stars, I used some of my remaining butter cream frosting from my cake! Since I froze the cookies after, the frosting hardened well!

But, for my 2017 cookies, I wanted to use cookie icing. I didn’t make a royal icing, though I somewhat wished I had.

So, I used a #4 tip (pretty sure) to do the exterior piping and I tried to make it a bit thicker … It was messy >< I definitely need to practice this some more!

My flood icing was a little bit darker than my piping icing but I think they looked well together!

The icing hardened well but it was a warm day and we had the food outside for the party so they somewhat melted together!! Oh well! They tasted good, I wish I had kept some for myself instead of sending them all home with family ><

I also made some of my favorite chocolate chip + oreo cookies too. I did keep some of these!

Next post will be my super amateur graduation cake! =p

Peanut Butter Cookies: With Chips and Without

Not sure what Peanut Butter Cookie Recipe I used here but it wasn’t anything special, just a normal cookie recipe!

Like I usually do, I used my cookie batch in more than 1 way! I did half of them traditionally with the square pattern. And, the other half I did with peanut butter chips mixed in!

For the plain cookies, I tried to make them pretty uniform in shape. I also made them into little disks before putting them on the cookie sheet and then using my largest fork on them =p

Darn, no before picture of the peanut butter chip version!


So glad I’m able to put some time towards posting a few pictures this week! My comprehensive exam and MBA graduation are over! I officially have a Master’s degree! So, I’ll be spending my time baking while looking for that awesome new career! ~~

Quick Cookie Batch ~

I had purchased some Easter colored M&M candies to be used during Easter … then I forgot about them!

Sometime in May, I “found” them and decided to make some cookies before a long day of studying!

This is the same cookie recipe I used last time with the melted butter, I just heated this butter in the microwave though, don’t have all day =p

I did half with the M&Ms and the other half with a bag of White Chocolate chips that were old .. not sure how old but I was sure they needed to be used up!

When I baked them, I did some on Oreo cookies (my personal specialty) and some just plain (normal) =)

I like how cute the little cookie dough balls look on top of the Oreos. Very adorable ^^

They were delicious! I think this batch lasted about a week between my husband and myself and my Dad! ~~

National Oatmeal Raisin Cookie Day …. was last month sometime …

The last time I made Oatmeal Cookies my oven broke. So, I was hoping to not have a repeat … and I didn’t! Cheers~~

This is a quick post, not too many pictures because apparently I forgot to take them?!?!

The recipe turned out great! The recipe is from My Baking Addiction and it called for some additionally pumpkin spice flavoring that I didn’t add to my cookies.

Obligatory creamed butter picture, this is from before I added the sugars (which is why it is so white looking).

The mixture before I added the raisins and oatmeal and the batch could have gone another way at this point! I could have added nuts and chocolate chips and they would have been yummy too!

I under baked a batch and over baked a batch .. then I had three batches that were just right! I did not refrigerate my first batch of dough but the others spent some time in the fridge while the

And, I don’t know how many of these I ate before my husband came home from work … its was more than 2 … possibly less than 5?

I was so happy with the thickness of the cookies, I did make them really small though … next time I need to make them twice as large!

I have a backlog of posts to get written up and posted on here so I’ll try to do that sometime … =p

Easter Carrot Cake

Going into Easter I wanted to make a cake, some cookies, and a pie! Yeah, I only had time to do the carrot cake. But, I tried to do it the best that I could! Maximum effort~~

The recipe requested the wet ingredients + sugars to be mixed in one bowl and the dry ingredients mixed in a separate bowl. No problem!

I moved my kitchen table up against the wall so I could use the outlet there (in a hundred year old house, outlets are sparse). And, this particular bake got a bit messy!

The recipe I used for my carrot cake and the frosting was from Marsha’s Baking Addiction (link). It was a great recipe with no difficult parts! Recommended for sure! I used Pecans in mine because that is what I had on hand.

The recipe called for it to be baked in three 8″ cake pans. Well, I only have one 8″ cake pan so I baked each layer one at a time >< So awful!

Thankfully the recipe held up well in the fridge and each layer turned out great after baking!

I got a good color on the bottom on my cakes. I cooled each layer on a rack first and then transferred each one to the freezer. This made it super easy to frost the cake and helped to keep the frosting cool while we ate dinner =)

As the last layer was cooling, I started to make my frosting. By this time it was also after 4pm and my family was arriving! As such, I was a bit more harassed and made an even bigger (but quite hilarious) mess!

Yes, I filled my mixer with all of the cream cheese frosting ingredients and then turned it on! The results were unexpected at the time (because I wasn’t thinking) but completely expected in hindsight (because I generally do think). My Mom walked into the kitchen while I was cleaning it all up, she had no comment ><

Thankfully the frosting turned out great! It probably could have used more sugar though =p

I frosted my cake in about 5 minutes while my fried “chicken” was frying away! Thankfully this style of cake frosting is trending, it still is right?

The cake sat out for about an hour before we had dessert. Thankfully, my icing peeks stayed perky!

The cake had pretty flat layers on its own, I didn’t do any leveling. We ate half the cake right then and I sent the rest of the cake away as left overs. The piece I had was amazing!

I did have some leftover batter so last week I made 6 cupcakes.

I also had some leftover icing, so I was able to ice my 6 cupcakes too. I dropped them off at my Grandparent’s house for them to enjoy =)

This was an awesome cake, I totally recommend the recipe! Yummy!!