Quick Bento ~

What is this, number 22? I dunno 🙂

I was in the mood for rice this morning so I decided to make a quick and simple rice bento 🙂

Both parts in the above picture and just the rice in the bottom picture. I recently signed up for notifications about National Holidays (ya know, the ones for jam and cookies and things) and apparently today is National Kite Day!

Well, I doubt I’ll have time to buy a kite (do they sell them at Target?) and then drive somewhere where I could fly it (the parks near me have lots of trees …) so instead I put a little kite-like square on my rice to emulate a kite =)

That’s all for today! I have a few thing I’d like to make this week but, as I’m oft to say, I’m busy =(

Looks like until this quarter is over I might go down to only two posts a week. Which is a bummer for me but hopefully next quarter (when I’ll only have to go two nights a week instead of 3) it will be a bit easier for me to post! =) I can always hope!


Bento #21 ~

Been sometime since I posted a Bento of any sort! Nothing too special here but I wanted to show off my new Monbento containers 🙂

I do an Amazon wish list for Christmas now and luckily I got these this past Christmas!

This is a light lunch: bagel with butter (in small lidded container), and some fruits/vegetables!

Pic of them closed up! The very top part is supposed to be room for utensils but I haven’t tried putting anything in there yet!

I didn’t think the strap would be important because the grey lids close tightly but when you stuff them full, of course, you’re going to need the strap!

Fun thing is I took the time to pack myself a cute lunch and then my Mom let me know she had restaurant food for me from my favorite Vegetarian restaurant!! So, naturally, I drove over to my Mom’s for lunch. Guess I’ll eat my bento for dinner now!


Rice Bento ~

Lucy is one sick puppy this week! She can’t keep anything in her belly and it’s coming out both ends!

Stripes ~

Quick trip to the vet, some X-rays, some prescriptions, some saline (for the dehydration), and $526 … And, she should be on her way to good health!

Now, what does this have to do with rice? Well the vet recommended that we feed her rice and boiled chicken for a few days while her stomach heals up from whatever it is she ate …

Me, being a vegetarian, is in charge of making the rice and my Husband, the chicken … Lucy doesn’t like rice much but I do!

So here is what I did with my portion of the rice I made for Lucy this morning!

White rice + sesame seeds + nori furikake


Sick puppy for reference … she was cold … sweater + bandanna was needed!

The sweater is a tad too big …


Bento #?? ~

Finally the Diaso near me opened!  Was originally going to open back in July but finally opened the 2 weeks-ish before Halloween!  I spent a bit of time walking around in there and, though I found a lot of cute things, I’m only going to share these right now.

Strawberry accessories ~

Strawberry accessories ~

I couldn’t pass them up with how cute they are! I decided to fill the little one with a lunch snack today. I didn’t actually go to work today because I’m home sick, had a doctor’s note and everything, though that was mostly for my own peace of mind!

Spaghetti Lunch ~

Spaghetti Lunch ~

One thing that always bugs me about Pinterest type Bento pics is that I know they are not for true Bento eating … they are lovely to look at but hardly travel worthy!  I”m sure the food doesn’t go to waste though, what I mean is that they aren’t actually being thrown into someone’s lunch bag and toted off into the world!

This is one of those Bentos … I did eat it but since I was home sick it did not get to travel outside the kitchen … even I’m sad about that!  Though, it means I too did what I dislike .. made a non-travel worthy Bento! See how high it’s packed? Completely impracticable!

From up high ~

From up high ~

The Bento contains some leftover cheese toast from lunch yesterday, angel hair pasta, roasted onion and garlic spaghetti sauce, and Trader Joe’s veggie sausages … only half of the sausage, I just popped the other half in my mouth as it came off the stove, yummy!

I did use those chop sticks ~

I did use those chop sticks ~

Picked up some cute chop sticks at Daiso too, I can tell that me and that store are going to be great friends!  Lunch was yummy by the way. It stopped my perpetual upset stomach for a little while at least =)

This was a quick post, I hope to get some more small ones up this week, baking was on hold still since my cold didn’t clear up … I try not to get strangers sick!

Fried rice for lunch ~

In my last post, I showed pics from my Monday morning batch of fried rice. Well, it’s all been eaten now and here are the two lunches I made with it!

Lunch #1  

Mini-(non)chicken burgers, fried rice, the very last of the soft Oreo cookies, and apple sauce. I forgot to buy apples over the weekend so applesauce was as close as I could get! The mini burgers are made by Gardein. I don’t particularly like anything this company makes, and they make quite a lot of things, but here is a link to their site if anyone cares to look at their products. Gardein.

Lunch #2

Four days on and the fried rice still heated up nicely! Those weren’t the only grapes I brought, I had an additional bag in my lunch box. Plus, my trusty apple and peanut butter is not pictured 🙂 

The little medley at the top is sliced string cheese and a sliced Smart Dog by LiteLife. 

Gonna be another hot weekend in SoCal, here is to our air conditioners continuing to work hard!

Bento(s) ~

I don’t know if should call these bentos anymore really … At least this post includes rice!

Made two rice cooker cups of rice yesterday morning…
I divided it into what I intended to do: 3 sections for rice balls and one big section for fried rice!

Here we go making the fried rice!
One egg, some defrosted frozen veggies, soy sauce, and sesame seed oil.

Mix mix mix!

Then I added the rice!

Mix mix mix and season!

Done! Now this I used in my lunches for two days! Will post those together later 🙂

Back to the white rice!
I love seasoned white rice! And add some seaweed? Yum!

They are not all the same size today but that doesn’t effect the taste at all!!

Here is all the food I took to work for lunch Monday, rice balls included!

Packed and ready to go! I’d get a bigger lunch bag but then I’d just take more food!!

Finals week is next week!! Yay! A full four weeks off between Summer and Fall quarter, that will be nice!! 🙂 It happens to fall during the time when I’ll be attended another trade show for work, nice to not have to worry about homework while being out of town!

Bento 16~

Let me start off by saying that the new rice cooker is amazing! Perfect rice every time! Dinner has been very yummy this past week!

Out with the old and in with the new~

Amazon purchases rock

It plays music by the way when it starts and stops. Our washer/dryer does that too but I can’t hear it in the house. Now I get to listen to twinkle little star!!

And here is where I must apologize… There is no rice in this bento!

Tangerines are summer food #1 this year

Little cut up sandwiches, tangerines, bananas, soft Oreo cookies, and rice crackers!

We made a trip out to the local Japanese market last weekend and I picked up some goodies! I’m trying to limit my Oreo intake but it is very difficult! So yummy!

Anyways, the reason we went to Nijiya is because we were already in Rowland Heights picking up my new gold IPhone 6 from Fedex!! 

Remember back in like May I said I won a contest? Well, I finally got the prize! I tried to politely ask (didn’t want to be rude, it is free after all) if I could have a gold one and it turned out they could get one!

I’m super happy. The people at Wow Contests rock!! 

It was 100+ over last weekend and with the Summer quarter wrapping up things have been busy… But, I guess that is standard operating procedure! 

Hoping to get in the yard and paint a picket fence I put up like 6 months ago, if I get it done I’ll post a pic! 😀