Beyond Meat: Vegetarian Burger Review

I picked these up at Whole Foods and they were $5+ for two patties! Pretty expensive. I hear about Beyond Meat, as a brand, pretty frequently but I hadn’t tried anything before.

I read the package and it said that they will turn pink and there will be lots of juices (of what?) in the pan while cooking.

So they did brown while cooking. But, I kept cooking them over the recommended time because they seemed to be not done …

I tried to decorate mine with all of the fixings which means I (only) had cheese, lettuce, tomato, and BBQ sauce. Was enough for me! We ate them with some roasted veggies =)

They looked goo and my husband thought they tasted good but I thought there was something off about them … like a flavor or something that left a bad taste in my mouth for the rest of the night. So, I won’t be buying these again =(
Save my wallet a few dollar though!

Collage pic =p



Gif Recipes: Potato Wedges and Mozzarella Stuffed Fried “Chicken”

Reddit has a sub-reddit called Gif Recipes and a few weeks ago I cam across these two recipes!

Vege Wedges For Ways
Chicken Parmesan Bites

Since I’m a vegetarian, my fried chicken is chicken-less but it was pretty good I thought!

I prepared my potato wedges first as they needed about 40+ minutes in the oven.

Thankfully, I already had all of the ingredients for this recipe, and the next one too, so I was able to make everything the first night I saw it online!

Before baking, the wedges already looks pretty delicious. After baking …

They were crispy on the outside and soft in the middle but I did over cook them a bit so that some of the thinner wedges tasted a bit burnt. I did not rotate the wedges mid-cooking which I think let them crisp up a bit more than if I had flipped them over at some point.

Now to make the “chicken” I used the Vege USA plain chicken thing that I buy at their store in Monrovia, CA. It’s a great place to shop for meat substitutes!

So, since fake chicken you cannot just cut a slit into it and stuff in the mozzarella, I had to carve out a spot for the cheese. I would have liked to put in more cheese but really, it wouldn’t have fit.

This fried chicken uses bread crumbs instead of an over abundance of flour. Which I thought made it more crunchy and I will incorporate it into my normal fried “chicken” recipe.

I fried these pieces about 7 minutes each in the canola oil at “deep fry” temperature. You can see in the pic that the mozzarella didn’t stay inside the “chicken” too well during frying. My husband suggested that I dredge and fry some mozzarella chunks too which also did not turn out well lol

Alright, here is my dinner for two with the addition of some homemade Focaccia. These recipes in general made way too much food for two people though so I ended up having this for lunch the next day. Conclusion on that is that the potato wedges do not reheat well! I recommend eating them all while fresh!

Next posts will include my adventures in Focaccia making which will have the above bread in it =)


Saw this cookbook online last week and thought I would love it! So, I went onto Amazon, made a choking noise when I saw the price, and ordered it!

Kansha: Celebrating Japan’s Vegan and Vegetarian Traditions

I chose to make three recipes from the book:
White Rice Enriched with Mixed Grains
Spicy Stir Fry
Skillet Seared Diakon

This was the first time I’d ever made recipes that actually used alcohol in them. I think that is because I don’t cook meat and I think alcohol in recipes is mostly a way to season meats … maybe? I wouldn’t really know …

I visited the closest Nijiya Market to pick up my Daikon as they don’t have it at my local grocery store. There is a new Sprouts near me though so I’m hoping I’ll be able to get it there! I can probably get it at Whole Foods but that is just as far away as Nijiya, just in a different direction.

This is the Skillet Seared Daikon as it’s nearing the end of its cooking. It smelled quite good as it is basically coated in soy sauce.

Above is the spicy stir fry which I only made with Daikon and carrots. The recipe suggested to add broccoli too but I forgot to buy any and didn’t want to make another trip to the store. I made this dish first because the recipe says it tasted best when served cold.

To make the rice in the rice cooker, I added about 1/4 of a rice cooker cup of 6 mixed grains (they came in a bag that way at the Nijiya Market) to my usual white rice and then increased the water accordingly. The black rice in the mix turned my white rice purple, and I loved it!

I made enough for my husband and I  for dinner. Though the vegetables were made with very similar ingredients, they had very different tastes!

This was just my first time using this cookbook, I’ll be using it every week while I try to learn some new recipes! =)



Vegetarian Fried Chicken… Wha?? ;)

Well, I don’t really have any memories of ever eating fried chicken as I’ve been a vegetarian since I was 9 years only so 33~ years? … woah … Any way, my husband said it was great and I’m certain he has had fried chicken much more recently than I have!

Apparently, you have to use a like a giant amount of oil to fry “chicken” so I did just that. then I heated it waaaaaay hot and added my “chicken” =p

So, my batter was: Flour, Egg, and milk (pretty sure I added milk)

So, the thing on the left is a Vegetarian Chicken Breast(?) which I cut up and pre-cooked on a frying pan before putting each one into my batter!

This was a messy process! I mixed them around in the batter then dropped them into my dredge one at a time. The dredging stuff was flour, pepper, salt, and paprika.

Then it was into the fryer!

I was super worried they were going to be dry so I pulled my first 3-4 out of the batter after about 5 minutes … they were pale but done. I left the rest in for between 7-9 minutes and got a super brown and crispy exterior!

This was a really yummy dinner and I’m going to be making more this week! I made these before my oven broke and I just got my new oven yesterday (there was a 2 week time lapse between the breaking and replacing) so I’ll be able to roast up some potatoes to go along again! yay!

So yummy!~~

Banana Strawberry Smoothie: en masse ~

We had a fun idea over the Summer of making smoothies in an assembly line type manner where they could be thawed and blended up when wanted! This was intended to reduce the burden of having to eat all of the strawberries immediately!


So, we had two boxes of strawberries from the grocery store that I cored and then cut if needed.


This was not a particularly difficult task, just a bit time consuming. I think I had started listening to Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince again while I did this. I love the beginning of that book where Narcissa is asking Severus for help … so moving!

I bagged the strawberries into what I thought were equal portions and then moved onto the bananas! ~~





Preparing the bananas went by a lot faster than the strawberries!



We didn’t add anything else to the bags before freezing. I did try to get as much air out as I could though to help reduce the chance of freezer burn.


When we pulled them out of the freezer to use, we got little bags like this! We then added sugar and water to make the smoothie!



The two things I learned from this experiment were that A. I need something other than a Magic Bullet for a blender and B. I should have cut the strawberries and bananas smaller!

But, the result is what we were going for!


I think we still have two more smoothie bags in the freezer. I think this was mostly a success with room for improvement but here ya go … a homemade strawberry and banana smoothie =)

Purple Ramen Noodles with Purple Cauliflower ~

We’ve been shopping at Whole Foods about twice a month lately. This is no small feat since we have to drive for 30 minutes if there isn’t traffic or nearly an hour if there is just to get there!


Anyway, purple food is somewhat of a fascination for us. If we can eat carrots and potatoes that are purple, then those are the ones we pick! So, when we saw purple cauliflower we got excited! Then, on the soup/rice aisle, we saw purple ramen! Perfect!


Not so purple on the inside! We opted out of using the Indian spice packet that came with the noodles and just had normal vegetable broth. Still yummy!


So, there it is again! A simple purple meal lol =)