June 2017 Puppy and Kitten Photos

Was out of town last week on a vacation so I’m going to post some cute pictures from last month now!

For a few days last month, I got to take care of my Grandparent’s pets. This included their pack of squirrels. Penny and Lucy highly enjoyed this part of the visit! Lucy discovered that if she pawed at the window it made the squirrels run away and then come back. She barked with happiness! I had to roll up the blinds because Lucy was making dents >< Penny was, thankfully, a more subdued in her happiness!

Penny and Lucy also went for quite a few car rides last month! To Grandma’s, to get gas, to get dog food. They were very good companions! Lucy always goes in and out of the car via the back seat but rides in the front whenever there isn’t a passenger.

As we were also out of town last month, My Dad took care of our pets and sent me this picture of Dottie looking slightly sad and slightly blurry. She is clearly waiting for that canned cat food though as her eyes are huge!

And, of course, a picture of Master Humphrey. Looking regal as always. He is a lounger cat. Always has to be draped over whatever he is lounging on. Quite the regal cat indeed!

After seeing so many people traveling with their dogs (and we saw a cat too) on our vacation. I want to try going on a trip with Penny and Lucy at some point! I think they would really love it!

Bonus picture from our vacation, loved the Tetons! We went hiking from String Lake around the back of Jenny Lake to the Hidden Falls. Amazing time!


March 2017: Puppy and Kitten Pics

Got some cute ones last month and, of course, already started taking more for this month!

It is impossible to keep the couch fur-free with those tails swishing around!

All three cats on my desk. Humphrey is even standing on my keyboard! I’m glad I wasn’t trying to get anything done >< Also, apparently this is the best window in the house? I didn’t know …

Since I’m currently job hunting while I finish up my degree, the dogs are getting weekly baths again! Lucy likes it (see the wagging tail above). Penny doesn’t (no need to post a pic of her sad face).

The sun is back and the puppies love it! The grass also loves it and thinks that growing weeds is its new full time job!

Even when Penny is inside, she’d prefer to have herself some sun! ~~

Humphrey was the first to test drive the new stove for how good of a place to nap it is! I didn’t thank him for this ><

Got some more posts coming this week since the new stove is in and tested! =)

Penny and Lucy Pics for Feb. 2017!!

Awe man, just because I haven’t posted any pics of my lovelies doesn’t mean that they haven’t been adorable!

So, our two kittens are about 10 months old now. Humphrey (to the left of Lucy) is 11 pounds! That is nuts! Anywho …he likes to nap with Lucy and Penny on their bed in the kitchen … Lucy doesn’t particularly like that he does this (you can tell by her sullen look) but Penny doesn’t mind … as long as Penny is warm she’s happy!

It’s almost hard to believe that they are from the same litter. Dottie is a normal sized cat but Humphrey just kept growing. They like to nap on the chair next to the heater, smart cats!

We’ve been getting a bit of rain every week so far this year in California. And, it seems on this particular day we forgot an umbrella on the back porch when we went to work. I game home to two happy dogs one of which (Lucy) had destroyed said umbrella.

We did do another snow/cabin weekend at the beginning of February this year which was fun! I think Penny actually had the most fun because she cuddled up by the heater there (we also rolled her up in a blanket), she ran around super enthusiastically in the snow and sat up straight and stared out the window the whole drive up and down the mountain! Lucy had a nice time too but didn’t grasp the concept of peeing in the snow so instead she peed in the cabin three times and I owe my Mom a new kitchen rug for up there ><

I’ve already taken some cute March pictures but I’ll wait to post them when I have a bunch more! =))

July Puppy and Kitten Pics ~

It is that time again! But, I’ve been so caught up in working my new job I feel like I have t focused on loving my pets as much as Inwould have liked!

Have to get some more work life balance going in August!

Spots and Humphrey chilling on the kitchen table.

Spots helping me play Overwatch!

Humphrey sqeezing himself between the radios.

Lucy showing off after a bath!

We went for a quick drive to Nevada, Arizona, and Utah the week of the 4th of July.

Grand Canyon North Rim – Angel’s Window

Zion National Park – Riverside Walk Trail

Antelope Slot Canyon; Page, AZ

Horseshoe Bend, Colorado River; Page, AZ.

I’m really excited that I get to participate in the tablescape competition at the Los Angeles County Fair this year! I think it is going to be a lot of fun!

Since I’m late to the game though, I only have three more weeks to get everything ready!

This week I’m in Las Vegas for a trade show so I’m going to post about all the roller coaster rides I plan on going on lol ūüôā

June Puppy and Kitten Pics!

Here they are! A selection of my cutest pictures from this month. I should note, I do not post my absolute favorite pictures. I post my second favorite pictures. My #1s are for my eyes only! =p

Lucy with her classic puppy eyes and Humphrey staring at my toes. He likes toes.

Lucy using Penny’s butt for a pillow. I like this more than when she rests her butt on Penny’s head …

Spots eating my computer chair. She did not do all of that damage on the side, that was done by Sweetie (our 12yr old cat) when she was younger … I’ve had that chair 7 years? wow …

I had always remembered Sweetie not liking other cats but she is getting along with Spots and Humphrey really well!

Spots cuddling up to my keyboard while I played Overwatch.

Penny and Lucy awake and not moving while Spots is napping next to them!

Humphrey’s beautiful blue eyes as he rests in Lucy’s food bowl. He won’t fit in there much longer!

I have my patriotic outfit all ready for Penny and Lucy so they can have their 4th of July photos taken. It’s just like Christmas to them (not so much for me).

I’ll post more pictures next month, I love showing off my furry family! =)

May Puppy and Kitten Photos ~

I know it’s June 9th … I know May is over … I know I haven’t posted in a while … >.<

But, that’s all gonna change! Yes indeed! Starting today I am on summer break! That means I only have to continue to do to work mon-fri 9am-5pm, and take care of my home and family (which now includes 2 indoor kittens and one outdoor cat, brining the total pet count to 6). Not bad! At least I don’t also have to attend classes two nights a week and do homework! That really frees up some time! And, just in case it’s not apparent that I’m excited that I don’t have to go back to graduate school until September, let me be blunt … I’m Super Excited!!!! Amazingly Excited!!!!

Spots (Dottie), inhibiting my Overwatch abilities.

I think I mentioned it in one post, but my husband and I took in a stray neighborhood cat that we had been feeding when she became pregnant. We barely managed to get her in the house and to the vet for a checkup before she gave birth! She had 3 boys and 2 girls on March 24th. She was a great Mommy cat but sadly didn’t really adapt to being indoors =(

Originally Named: Starface, Spots, Humpty, Dumpty, Batman                          Now Named: Johnny, Spottie Dottie, Humphrey, Little Bit, Batman 

Once the kittens turned 8 weeks old we aggressively looked for homes for them! We adopted two out to one of my co-workers and another to one of my husband’s co-workers. We had two left over … coincidently the two we had left were my husband’s and my favorite kittens! So, we’re keeping them!

Since the kittens have been raised around our two dogs, we don’t have any problems with them getting along! Snuggling is a normal daily thing for them!

Our older cat, Sweetie, is 12 now and has never been one for being around other cats (when she was younger I lived with my parents and they had cats too!). Sweetie is getting used to them though. She allows them on the bed and will bat their head and hiss if she is upset but doesn’t hurt them and the kittens aren’t really too put off by her because they go right back to attacking her tail!

Lucy doesn’t really like them snuggling in her food bowl though …

Mommy cat wasn’t really happy being inside and would cry and cry at the door to be let out. Well, once she was fixed and healed up we let her outside again =( She spends her days in the yard and going around the neighborhood then at night we call her and put her in our laundry house to sleep and eat peacefully (we don’t have a garage, just a building for laundry and storage in the backyard, hence “laundry house”!).

Lucy and Humphrey on Penny’s Bed!

When the kittens were younger all 5 could fit on that little platform, now it barely fits two!

The differences in my dogs’ personalities is pretty apparent in this picture. I have to open this gate to pull my car in when I get home. Lucy is right there to greet me with a toy in her mouth. Penny is sleeping in the background hoping I’d just drive around her. =)

Lucy; age 2

Lucy; age 2

Penny; age 6

Alright, I guess that is enough bragging! But, my pets are so cute! I want to share =)

March Puppy and Kitten Pics ~

Things have been super fun at our house lately! We went from two dogs and one cat to now having seven cats! 9 pets total! The amount of poop I now have to clean up is insane! =(


I posted awhile back, last September I think, about a stray cat we started feeding. I built her a little outside sleeping space and posted pictures of it too! ¬†She only used the house twice that I know of … it wasn’t a big success but I enjoyed making it! Well, even without sleeping in the cat house she stuck around and we kept feeding her.

Then about a month ago we saw she was getting a bit chubby .. then we noticed she was decidedly pregnant! So, we did the responsible thing of course and brought her in! (The more responsible thing would have been to get her fixed last year but I digress)


Two days before due day!

We cleared out the bathroom (not small feat as our house is tiny and space is premium!), made her a vet appointment (she had worms and fleas) and watched her have kittens!


Kittens are less than 12 hours old here!

We got three kittens pretty quickly and then she went almost two hours without another so we went to sleep (by that time is was midnight) and in the morning we had 5 kittens!

They’re two weeks¬†old now and are growing nicely! We’ve been weighing them every night so we know they are getting bigger! ¬†Our little “Lillycat Momma” is doing a great job of taking care of them!


It is amazing how big they have grown in just two weeks! Their eyes are opening now and they are just starting to want to climb out of the nesting box!

Thanks to the kittens taking up most of this post, I don’t want to drag on with too many puppy photos but here is the collage I put together for Easter. I know, I know, I know … I love my puppies too much! =)

March was a good month for photos … April will be even better! ~~