Cat House: Final Day ~

I actually finished it over two more days. I spent twenty minutes before work on Thirsday screwing together the walls and then about 3 hours of active work on Saturday for attaching everything else, painting it and going to Lowes for paint and accessories 🙂

Inside before painting

There were gaps along the back side panels because I’m not very good with an electric screw driver. So, I used weather stripping to make sure there wasn’t a draft.

Nearly done!

Now I basically haven’t built anything before this on my own so I didn’t anticipate the way the hinges make the wood stick up …

Two pieces of weather stripping wasnt enough …

To work around this, we got a little screen door latch thing to pull the lid down snugly. You can see it in another pic!

I made sure to tape the door off nicely!

On my first trip to lowes I got some small containers of “Oops” paint. Total cost was $3 for both and I hardly used any of it!

Grass is nice to paint on

I also pointed a cardboard box I picked up at Costco last week. It’ll look nicer on my porch this way. It’s for Cat of course.

see the little latch?

I realized when I was finished that I painted it the same colors as my Elementary School and I probably wouldn’t remember this but my husband and I bought a house in the same city I grew up in … I drive by the school regularly lol

I think it looks nice though! The cat doors don’t seem to swing freely though so I’ll try to fix that when I have time.

Cat eats from a dog food bowl …

Hope cat likes it! Don’t mind the dirty porch, I can’t rinse it off thanks to the drought and sweeping is not an effective cleaning tool!

Now that this project is done it’s time for more baking!


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